Makenzie Curtis

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I recieved my first putter as a baby gift from Ed Knych, who was the golf pro at my Grandfather’s course, Hillcrest Country Club. The custom designed putter was two feet tall and had a pink grip and pink putter head! I’ve grown out of my little pink putter but continue to grow into my game.

At the age of 8, I played in my first local junior golf tour in Hamilton County and I was hooked. Since then, I have enjoyed many exciting rounds of golf, some very challenging matches, and braved the elements, playing in sleet, snow, downpours and blazing heat. After years of playing in junior golf tournaments as an individual, it has been an honor to be part of my Carmel High School varsity golf team. My goal is to continue developing my individual skills year-round and work to continue golfing as a teammate in college.

My parents are both golfers, but now spend more time as spectators, supporting me as I pursue my dream of further developing my golf game.  They are helping me navigate the journey to balance athletics with academics, social activites, extracurriculars and my future career goals.

My brother, J.J., is one year older and I have two little sisters, Caroline and Gracie, who are three and five years younger than me. Gracie has napped on through many of my summer tournaments, dragged by my mom from one course to another! And, we have two dogs, Ivy and Lucy and a turtle name Turt!

My family is very special to me. Without their patience and encouragement, golf would be a tough game to play on my own.




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